Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Latest Loves: CoverGirl Cheekers Blush

So being an appearance conscious butch, I’m not going to deny that I like a bit of slap. Honestly, I’m addicted to make-up – I never leave the house without it!!! However, make-up and I have a love/hate relationship: I love love love when I find a product that really works for me but I hate the feeling of frustration which comes along with a failed product, especially one you were excited about. And unlike clothes, you often can’t return make-up if it’s not working for you, so it’s very much a leap of faith.

As my look is masculine, my make-up is complexion based rather than lips or eyes, and I try to find products which are more on the matte side. This is surprisingly hard, especially in Britain, where drugstore brands for some reason stuff their make-up to the brim with glitter and sparkles. And honestly, does the girliest girl on earth want disco balls for cheeks?? I don’t get it!

So if you too are looking for some nice matte products which meet butch approval, I thought I’d help you out by reviewing some products I particularly like!

CoverGirl Cheekers Blush - Rock 'N' Rose

So I have a few things which I’m addicted to in the USA which *sob* I can’t buy in Britain (Trader Joe’s granola, Reese's in EVERYTHING, patterned sponge scourers…) and CoverGirl make-up is one of them. Not only does CoverGirl have Ellen Degeneres as one of theirspokeswomen (BUTCHES IN MAKE-UP REPRESENT!) and an awesome feminist angle in the form of their Girls Can campaign but in my experience, their make-up ROCKS.
Specifically what I’m a fan of is their blushes, and even more specifically, the Cheekers range. I blindly purchased one in Target because my red blush was running out and the brand I buy in the UK (Natural Collection) is not stocked in the US. I purchased the colour Rock ‘N’ Rose because it looked matte and let’s be honest, the name was cool.

Rock 'N' Rose in action at Disney!
I used it for the first time ever for a day trip to Disneyland with my partner. Now, I’d like to say this was a very LONG day trip. I applied my make-up at 7am and we got home at midnight. The first point for this blush is it was on my face for the best part of that day, and there were still hints of it when I got home AT MIDNIGHT. This was a hot California day, I was going on a tonne of rides and I did not take time out of my Disney day to reapply once. So I can’t even imagine how long-wearing this blush must be for an average day of work or school!

Another thing I loved about this blush is how pigmented it is. Every blush I have used in the past I find I have to apply about five layers of it to get the colours to show over my foundation (MAC Studio Fix powder in NW20). I applied it with an Ecotools small blush brush over Rimmel 9-In-1 BB Cream in Light, L’Oreal Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC cream and my trusty Studio Fix. On the second layer of Rock ‘N’ Rose, it was so bright I basically looked like a clown: you really only just need one layer. After blending the colour was still really vibrant (and less ridiculous!).

It is also a totally matte colour, without a hint of glitter, which I have to say seems to be more common in American drugstore brands. Me likey! I would just like to add a word to the wise though: NOT all the blushes in this collection are matte so if that is very important to you, be careful to really look hard at the colour before buying! I have tried two other colours in the Cheekers range. The first is Plumberry Glow, which is a really pretty pink filled with (what I personally think) is a very subtle and pretty gold glitter. Second, I have Soft Sable, a brown tone colour, which is not glittery but does have a distinct shimmer to it. I really enjoy wearing both these blushes but if you're looking for something totally matte they wouldn't work as well for you as Rock 'N' Rose will!

On the whole, I was a really big fan and when I move to the US later this year, CoverGirl will definitely be my blush of choice. I’m actually starting to get pretty depressed about going back to the UK for three months where it isn’t sold!! I kind of just want to hungrily buy every colour this blush comes in but so far I’m resisting… just about!

Have you tried any of CoverGirl’s products? Got any recommendations for me of other products? Let me know in the comments!

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