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Last Minute, Butch-Appropriate Halloween Costume Ideas!

Some of you may know that I have recently moved to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California to live with my even more beautiful life partner, Taylor. I have now been here a month and over this time we have found and moved into an apartment on the incredibly brutal LA housing market, made it pretty from scratch, bought a car, celebrated our two year anniversary and many other exciting milestones! However, this, dear readers, is also sadly to blame for my lack of posts over the past two months or so! 

Now living together and enjoying a very sunny LA October!
I thought what better way to get back to my blogging than to post some costume ideas for non-negotiably the greatest holiday of them all… Halloween! An attractive, stylish Halloween costume can be really hard when you dress in menswear: I wrote a whole post onthis last Halloween, on my blog I share with my partner, Alex and Tay Everyday (Butch Is Beautiful was not yet in existence back then!) so please check that out for my thoughts on the challenges of butch Halloween dressing! 

However, do not despair! I know 100% that you can find a frightfully fantastic costume for this year’s Halloween, which will have all the ghouls and boys screaming ;) Halloween is LITERALLY on our doorstep, so these outfits are also all very EASY and CHEAP and you can probably put them together from stuff you have at home/can purchase easily at a low cost. As into Halloween as I am, I’m also pretty shy and lazy when it comes to costumes, so I thought I’d share some killer understated Halloween look ideas with you!


Without further ado, let’s get into the costumes!

1) Eddie Munster

I dressed as Eddie myself last year, and it was SO EASY and such a fun costume that I knew it was my number one to share! All you need for Eddie is black shorts, a white button-up shirt, a black blazer, formal black shoes and long dark grey or black socks (I just wore boot socks) – simple! As you can see these really are items which everyone is going to have hanging around in their wardrobe! The only slightly more obscure part about Eddie’s outfit is his necktie but it shouldn’t provide too many obstacles. I personally took my black skinny tie and tied it in a bow! You could also do this with a piece of ribbon.

If you have short hair you are set for his hairstyle too, though I’d recommend waiting to have it cut till after you dress up! Being a bit on the longer end is better. Use a heavy duty gel and slick back all your hair. Don’t be afraid to set it solid! You want that full-on werewolf look.

My Eddie look from Halloween 2013!
When you watch ‘The Munsters’ in colour, Eddie, Lily and Grandpa are all depicted as having green skin. I personally hate this and think it looks really tacky, so I went for a black and white Eddie look – this is also much easier to do if you want to keep your costume low key! You want to make yourself look a little bit dead, so for me I just wore foundation without any bronzer or blush and then used a light grey eyeshadow under my eyes and across my cheeks, almost like blush. I then drew on suuuuuper thick pointed eyebrows with a black eyeshadow – my eyebrows are naturally pointed to an almost weird extent, so I drew over my own. However, if yours aren’t, cover your whole eyebrow and bring it up to a triangle point. And you’re all done! If you happen to have a toy wolf lying around, bring him along, and if you want vampire fangs you can, but I didn’t have either of these things. Otherwise you’re good to go!

2) Gomez Addams
John Astin will always be Gomez to me ;)
If you have a dark pinstripe suit, you’re pretty much set for Gomez! Just pair with a white shirt, black tie and formal shoes. You’re going to want to slick back that hair, just like for Eddie, and accessorise with a cigar. Presuming you don’t have a moustache, you’ll also need to get hold of a fake one of them, or alternatively draw one on with black eyeshadow. This is a great costume if you want to dress up with a femme female partner, and even better if you have kids, like Joel Madden and Nicole Richie last year!

Forever one of my favourite celebrity Halloween costumes!

3) Disney love interest

Any of the more rugged Disney “princes” (aka the ones who don’t wear fancy fairytale suits with shoulder pads a la Price Charming) are super easy options, and have the plus that whatever short haircut you have, you can probably just use your own hair. You also won’t have to worry about make-up, and they’re great options if going full-on spook ain’t your thang.

Eric from ‘The Little Mermaid’ would be super simple and recognisable! He literally just wears a white shirt and black trousers tucked into boots. He has a red sash around his waist – you could use any piece of red material, a red belt or even a red tie. Feel free to accessorise with any cute movie references too, such as a mermaid necklace, a telescope or a stuffed fish!

Flynn Ryder from ‘Tangled’ is another possible candidate. He wears a white shirt, a blue waistcoat and brown trousers tucked in brown boots, with a brown belt – all very simple and probably things you already have! Flynn has a beard, so if you jump at the opportunity of facial hair go for it… but the costume will work just as well without.

4) Freddy Kreuger

Back to more ghoulish Halloween territory, Freddy is an awesome option and very very easy. Wear a red and green striped sweater (this will be the hardest thing to find!), black trousers and boots, with a black wide-brim hat. Of course ideally to be Freddy you will want his knife glove. While you could go a DIY root by hot glue-ing plastic knives and a glove, I personally would be much too lazy for this, and would go the lazy route: purchasing on amazon or in a costume store. Even in England, these are a Halloween store staple – everyone loves some Kreugs.

Freddy also of course has some pretty delish scarring on his face. While you can find many tutorials for this on youtube which do not use a lot of products, I also think you could easily rock the look minus the scars. This also works better if you’re going somewhere where you’re not sure if people will dress up – bit awkward to show up fully scarred.

5) Chucky

Chucky is another super easy look: he wears a red-based striped long-sleeve top under dungarees (or overalls, as they say over here across the pond!) with red sneakers. If you’ve ever seen ‘Child’s Play’, you’ll know Chucky gets roughed up on his journeys and doesn’t exactly have the ability to heal his doll body, so a scarred face is crucial. Chucky’s scars are extremely easy to recreate: he only has a few and you can draw them on with a  red eyeliner a la Sally from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. If you can find a short red wig that would work great – you could also cut a long red wig short as his hair is so choppy - but your own short hair would also work! If you’re on the smaller side, this is also a cute costume.

6) Clark Kent

This is one of the easiest costume options EVER. I love it because it will be so obvious who you are but involves basically no effort! To be Clark Kent, simply wear a pair of black trousers, a generic tie, sensible shoes and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses you can get at any costume store. Then wear an open white shirt over a Superman t-shirt and you’re all done! Kaci from ‘The Real L Word’ rocked this look last year, and I thought it was such a clever yet understated costume.

So if you were freaking out about what to dress as, um, the day after tomorrow, I hope these ideas saved your neck! Or maybe you’re going as something or someone else – if so, let me know who in the comments! We can never have too many butch Halloween costume ideas! Have a safe and spook-tacular Halloween, my beautiful butches – I hope you feel completely horrorshow in whatever you wear :)

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