Thursday, January 29, 2015

Victoria's Secret MASSIVE Sale Haul!

One of my favourite things about my relationship is that going to the Victoria’s Secet sale is a date for us! My partner and I dropped into our local Victoria’s Secret in Westwood, LA to browse their amazing discounts last week. Not only do Victoria’s Secret have 75% off, but they now have a further 40% off on top of that! You can literally buy their stuff for a fraction of the price right now… so I had to abuse this a little bit!

I have mentioned before on my blog that Victoria’s Secret is one of the few shops aimed at women I shop at. I love the branding of Victoria’s Secret and always have a wonderful customer experience there. Also, oddly for a brand which prides itself on being so feminine, I personally always find that their clothes are a comfortable androgynous fit on me, so I do quite a bit of shopping there when the opportunity strikes!

I didn’t go too crazy but I got three items in the sale that I’m really pleased with! Firstly I got a new pair of PINK sweatpants. Sweatpants are something that I do normally buy in the women’s department. Being 5’4”, I can find it hard to find men’s trousers in the right length for me – weirdly, as let’s talk about Pete Wentz? Joey Jordison?! But shops don’t like to admit cis men ever measure up below 5’9”!!!! For this reason I normally have to get my trousers altered but this seems a bit ridiculous with sweatpants! And when they are elasticated at the bottom, this is not only silly but also impossible.

Paired with a 'Repo! the Genetic Opera'
t-shirt, naturally ;)

I’ve had a pair of green PINK sweatpants for about a year now which I still like to wear but I love that I found this pair because they are black. I think black sweatpants are much easier to wear in public without looking scruffy or like you should be lounging around the house. Black always smartens up a look and sweatpants are no exception to this rule! At $20 instead of $40 I couldn’t resist!

The second item I bought was a little sequinned make-up bag with “Live Like An Angel” written on it. As it was literally $6 I couldn’t resist! My girlfriend laughed at me a bit because I own loads of make-up bags so I probably didn’t really need it but I just liked it so much! I will probably use it to keep day to day necessities in my bag… Although I must admit I did just get a new bag to serve this purpose from my mum for Christmas! But still… $6!

The final item I bought was a black biker back vest with “Earn Your Wings” in metallic writing on it. I love the lettering style and the individuality of this vest. I thought it was really different than lots of other things I see in Victoria’s Secret and PINK and I just couldn’t resist it. I was a little hesitant because as I discussed last week I now have angel wings tattooed on me… so I maybe look like a crazy Victoria’s Secret obsessive, buuuuut sometimes that’s just a risk you gotta take! This cost me $11, and would normally cost around $30!!!

So that’s about it for today! Do you shop in any women’s stores? Where do you like? Did you hit the Victoria’s Secret sales?? Let me know in the comments!!!

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