Friday, February 6, 2015

Bath & Body Works Haul feat. some awesome deals for the Halloween lover!

OK, so I went to Bath and Body Works to buy a hand sanitizer. ONE HAND SANITIZER. People… that’s not how it went down. Bath and Body Works always have such good deals and they always manage to get me!!!! The long and short of it is I left with eleven items so I thought I’d write up an *ahem* little (??) haul for you!

So first off, I bought five hand sanitizers which I had kind of planned to do anyway. Bath and Body Works always have the deal on that you can get five hand sanitizers for $5 and as they’re each $1.68, this is a pretty good option, especially if you’re like me and will always use hand sanitizer! I got a selection of flavours, and I have to say it took me a really long time to choose! I was trying to convince myself I should go off my favourite flavours and not literally just the cool names and pictures ;) As you can tell, I’m a very wise shopper!

I got two which have a similar feel to one another – ‘Donuts About You’ and ‘Hey Honeybun’, which both have cute little cakes with eyes on the packaging! Both smell ridiculously sweet and yummy and like a donut shop, and of course ‘Hey Honeybun’ has a definite honey scent!

I then went for ‘Dancing Waters’ which has a lovely fresh aquatic scent. 

Next I got ‘Champagne Sparkles’, and I must admit I partly went for this one on packaging, but who can resist something pink and sparkly with “champagne” in the title and the Eiffel Tower on the front??? Not me, that’s for sure! 

Finally I got ‘Copacabana Coconut’. It is basically summer already where I live so I wanted a more summery, beachy scent too, and there’s just nothing as yummy and fresh as the smell of coconut!

Then I noticed that they have their brand new collection of Brazilian scents on sale – everything for $7! I got a sugarscrub in ‘Lush Pink Grapefruit’ which would normally cost $14.50 – so literally more than half price! I do have to say that this is THE most awesome scrub I have ever used! Honest to God. I like my scrubs almost abrasive feeling – hey, I don’t do things in halves – so scrubs can often disappoint me. This one though: oh my goodness. Not only does it smell beachy and amazing, but it starts out as a tough, sugary scrub, before dissolving into wonderful soft foam. I don’t even know how this formula exists. But I recommend you buy it, because this product really surpassed my expectations!

I was then walking to pay when I saw an EXTREME sale table, of leftover holiday items. It contained quite a few Christmas items which I wasn’t really interested in – especially as like I said, where I live, it’s basically summer! But I WAS interested in the Halloween items they had left! I’m a Halloween enthusiast year round and this definitely comes in handy when snatching up a deal!

I first of all got a ‘Pumpkin Pecan Waffles’ foaming handsoap for about $3 (normally $6.50!). The pumpkin scent has to be one of my favourite things about living in America – it’s just divine, and even my partner has given her blessing to us using this yummy scent out of season!

I then bought a mini ‘Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin’ body mist. Because you guys… that’s just me and I’m all about smelling like Halloween and flavours that no human body should ever smell of. Like I said, I don’t do halves. Again, it was only $2 and normally $6.

The final item I bought was also on this sales table and was again priced at only a couple bucks. I got a glitter spray because honestly I’m just obsessed with being glittery these days which is funny because I used to hate it! The glitter sprays are basically like body mist but leave you with a nice glowy effect too! They had one with a strawberry flavour but I thought that was a little too much like something I’d have used in the nineties. And in the nineties, I was nine and under. I went for ‘Vanilla-tini’ which is blue in colour and has a really pretty fresh sophisticated scent! I couldn’t actually find this product online to check the full price but I got it for only a couple of bucks!

So there you go, my entire haul! Although I left with a lot of items I really did not spend a whole bunch of money due to the deals and sales so I felt pretty proud of that and I got some awesome stuff too!

What’s your must-have at Bath and Body Works? Have you tried any of the items I’ve bought? Let me know in the comments!

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