Wednesday, May 20, 2015

June Gloom Disneyland Day - OOTD!

Last weekend Taylor and I finally made a trip to my favourite spot on this planet… DISNEYLAND CALIFORNIA! I hadn’t been since December, which is obviously a pretty traumatically long time to go without any Disney (#SpoiltSouthernCaliforniaResident), so I was super super super exicted for the day!

That first paragraph probably made it pretty clear that I am 100% obsessed with Disneyland… However, I have to admit that while I’m there I can often end up feeling super uncomfortable and/or overheated and/or bloated and unattractive and hating my outfit! Disney is a really tricky event to dress for: you are there ALL DAY, and personally I always take 10000 photos so I want to look cute!

However, at the same time, comfort is the most important thing – you need to endure relentless heat, long long queues, and clambering in an undignified position onto various rides! And let’s not forget… WALKING, WALKING, WALKING. I walk SOOO much at Disneyland! This visit I’m excited to say that for the first time I was REALLY happy with what I wore… So OF COURSE, here’s an ootd!!

Hoody: Disneyland
Vest: Zara Man
Jeggings: H&M
Shoes: Converse

I think one of the keys to my being super comfy on this particular Disney day was how much LAYERING my outfit had. Not only are layers very on trend, but they are really really good for long days with potentially changeable weather. I got dressed at 5.30am and got home at midnight… Let’s face it, your Disney outfit has to be in it for the long haul!

Tank top: Hot Topic

I started my outfit off with a Little Mermaid tank top which I bought (UNASHAMEDLY!) from Hot Topic. Hot Topic has like, the best Disney merchandise (I often think better than Disney itself!) and sells lots of these tank tops with designs from different movies. Ariel is my favourite princess – because she’s a mermaid, duh! Mermaids are just better!!

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

This tank has a racer back and I don’t personally really like racer backs because they show my binder. I wore it over a black vest and then you can barely tell it’s not a regular tank!

I then had two different top layers which I wore both, one of or neither as the day went on! And I really liked the way all the pairings looked and felt. The first layer I had was this black denim gilet that I got in the sales at Zara Man last summer. A denim gilet is an essential for a cool laidback look. You literally can throw it over anything and you look like an instant rockstar!

Vests also have the added perk of adding really good coverage, which helps you to never feel any body negativity! I love my denim gilet over just my tank top, which means I can show my tattoos and look really cool and rock & roll.

I also love the cozy vibe wearing it over my hoody gives! I brought along this AWESOME hoody I bought at Disney over a year ago now. It has a graphic of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, with “The happiest place on earth” printed underneath. The sleeves are patterned with all different images of rides from Disneyland! When I saw this hoody I just knew I had to have it because it literally feels like Disneyland was bibbity-bobbity-boo!-ed into a clothing item! It was actually really chilly for Southern California this day so I was really glad I had this with me, and with my denim vest over, it was really a snuggly outfit!

On the bottom I wore these awesome black jeggings with ripped knees from the women’s department of H&M! Jeggings are my new obsession… they are so stretchy it feels unreal which of course means they’re super comfy. These are high waisted too which I was hesitant about at first because I thought they might look very feminine… but I actually think they look totally masculine and the high waist actually just makes me feel really slim!

These jeggings – and my tank top… and my hoody! – are actually all women’s clothing items! I’ve recently become more open to wearing more gender neutral women’s pieces – t-shirts, jeans, etc. Stay tuned for a post coming soon on how I rock them in a totally masculine way!

For my shoes I of course just wore comfy high top classic Converse, which were great for walking round the whole day. Personally I like high tops with super skinny trousers – I think it helps keep the whole look streamlined. Of course, I live in SoCal so I also brought along my trusty aviator Ray-Bans that I’ve had over four years!!

You may also have noticed too that my hairstyle has changed quite drastically! I will have a post coming on my hair evolution very soon but as you can see, my hair is now long enough to tie up, and to Disney I wore it in a messy ballerina bun, and I flatironed the front section into a Disney princess worthy fringe ;)

And finally, I accessorised with a few bracelets! I wore a mermaid theme bracelet and a “Dream” bracelet both bought from Disney, and also an arrowhead bracelet and a skull bracelet that I got in a set from asos!

Skull bracelet & arrow bracelet: asos
Disney bracelets: Disneyland

I also have one final set for my gender contortionists out there – as I mentioned earlier, personally I bind and I bind 90% of the time when I’m out and about. However, of course, it can get really uncomfortable and it has caused me some issues in the past at Disneyland which is just a horrible thing to have to deal with. This time I stuck an alternative method in my backpack – for me I love Target’s super comfy sports bras, but you should grab whatever is your comfy alternative. I actually did not even change and wore my binder for the whole day, but I feel like just having an alternative with me was very good for my peace of mind!

I was really so comfy in this outfit the whole day – I felt slim, comfy, and it was great being able to easily switch up how warm I needed my outfit to be! I’d love to hear in the comments what you like wearing to Disneyland or whatever theme park you like going to :) What do you swear by??!

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