Monday, May 18, 2015

Outfit Of The Day: LA Casual Day to Date Night Look!

Well, I have been on a bit of a hiatus from this blog! Please forgive me: ever since my move to America, my life has been hectic. I got my first full-time job (at a smoothie bar and home d├ęcor shop – do not ask! Although I now make fabulous protein smoothies…), I quit my first full-time job (I now make fabulous protein smoothies purely for my personal enjoyment), I got a new full-time job (this time working in clothes – yay!), I moved from Los Angeles to San Diego with my gorgeous girlfriend where she has a fabulous new job (hard to believe such a stressful move can be summarised in one short sentence!) and, most exciting of all, I am working on an application to fashion school to hopefully turn my passion for fashion into a degree and then a career. Fingers crossed!!!

But neglecting Butch Is Beautiful is not my wish and so I am really really really going to try and be better about posting! I’m starting off this new ambition with an Outfit Of The Day post!

Shirt: Cotton On
Tank: Victoria's Secret
Chinos: asos
Shoes: Aldo

This outfit is actually from a couple of months back (this is how busy I’ve been!). I wore it on a day which was one of those funny mixes of doing something boring (doing laundry) before going straight to something fun (a date at Cheesecake Factory at The Grove with my partner). This is what I wore!

On my top half I’m wearing a Victoria’s Secret sports tank, which personally I think is much too cute to be actually worn for just sports! (In fact, I’ve never worn it to work out once and have no intention of doing so…!) I got it in the sales which I blogged about here and it has a super cute text design, with “Earn Your Wings” written in silver.

It was a chillier day by LA standards, so I went for the layering trend by throwing over this AMAAAAZZZING flannel from Cotton On. I’m obsessed with this: it’s blue at the top and then has almost a dip-dye effect on the bottom half where it turns black. This is cool as a concept but as you can see, on an all black outfit, it looks INCREDIBLE, and almost abstract. Of course, layering has been cool for a while, and is always a great way to add some punch to a casual look.

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I paired this ensemble with my trusty black skinny chinos from asos. I swear by these, and own five pairs in different colours (two in black, one in burgundy, one in dark grey and one in – vom – khaki, but I had to get it for my work uniform!). I actually have never written an article about how amazing these are but I fully intend to so watch this space!

Last but not least, my shoes are Aldo hi-top sneakers. They have a really cool tweed effect on the top half and then a plain black sneaker style on the bottom. These look great with skinny trousers tucked in – which you can see is exactly what I did!

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