Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Wore To My Partner's Graduation!

Last weekend my fabulous partner graduated from UCLA! Needless to say, I am exceptionally proud of her – her dedication, strength, optimism and intelligence are constantly inspirational to me and it was a really really special day to see her walk across the stage and officially graduate.

So obviously, a special day calls for a special outfit! And I had mine planned for months and months and months :P So obviously, let’s document it with a What I Wore post!

I used to be really into smart, dapper dressing but around a year ago I got more into rocking a casual vibe, and kind of started feeling most of the smarter clothes I owned didn’t really suit my style anymore. I wanted to wear black/dark colours – without of course looking like a waiter.

We also live in Southern California, so the assumption is always that it will be hot. I also wanted to look smart and dressed up – I initially was going to wear a suit, which is traditional in England, but Taylor told me this was not the done thing in America!! I’m actually really proud with the outfit I came up with and I think it balanced all my personal requirements.

Shirt: asos
Waistcoat: asos
Pants: asos
Shoes: Macy's

Firstly, I wore a black shortsleeve shirt with floral printed sleeves. I fell in love with this from the minute I saw it – I love how it is mostly a block colour but also incorporates a pattern. (And you know I love how short sleeves show my tattoos!)

As Taylor had prompted me jackets and ties was not the dress code, I decided to rock a waistcoat (or as the Americans say, a vest!). I love waistcoats but funnily enough have never owned or worn one before! I was inspired because I have a denim gilet that I love wearing (that I’ve written about in my Disneyland post!). I absolutely LOVED wearing this one and I’m really glad I went with it.

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Collar tips: Designsix through asos

Personally I don’t like just wearing a shirt for a smart event without a jacket, because I always feel like my outfit is incomplete. The waistcoat pulls everything together and dresses you up. Waistcoats can smooth out the whole look, and hide all manner of sins – particularly if your shirt is a bit puffy around where it’s tucked in!

I also love how waistcoats look old-fashioned – I can’t deny I felt really boyish and kind of like Huckleberry Finn… of course everyone’s dream! But they also fit well with a modern trend for layering.

As I wasn’t wearing a suit, I wore a dark grey waistcoat that is actually made out of jersey, which kept the whole look lightweight and avoided me looking overdressed or stuffy.

I paired these top two items with a pair of skinny dark grey chinos from asos. I have mentioned these before and they are my absolute favourite chinos – I own five pairs in different colours!

On my feet, I wore some black suede loafers with silver buckles that I got in a Macy’s sale last fall. I actually bought these for my girlfriend’s birthday trip to Las Vegas and never wore them! But these are a favourite item for me. Loafers look casual and summery, while also looking polished and adult. Loafers with skinny pants is also of course very on trend.

For accessories, I wore silvercollar tips shaped like stag skulls with a chain connecting them. I love collar tips because they’re a great, masculine accessory for when you’re not wearing a tie. They are quite unusual in America so I always get a lot of compliments when I wear them! And these fitted well with the Shoreditch hipster vibe I was going for. These are by a brand called Designsix and are exclusive to asos.

I am also sad to say that I bought a belt specifically for the event and I forgot it at our home in San Diego – it was a black leather belt with a silver cowboy style buckle. I was actually very upset and wish I had worn it, because personally I don’t really like to wear a tucked in button down without a belt – I think the belt makes the look more polished.

As you also know I now have hair long enough to tie up – I wore it down for the graduation as I felt it was a little more traditional and both me and Taylor felt we didn’t want to look back at my man bun and question my sanity! Though to be honest these days I have such a huge undercut I’m not sure this won’t still happen – oh well! That’s what fashion’s about, right??

Congrats, baby - I'm so proud of you!

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