Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Outfits Of A (Long!) Weekend: Roadtrips, 4th July & San Francisco!

I recently spent a lovely weekend in Northern California! Me and my girlfriend visited some lovely friends of ours, Sam and Kelsey, for a long weekend, which included celebrating my very first 4th July! I had an amazing time, and I wanted to do a post documenting all my outfits for the four day weekend! I packed very lightly, and the weekend included Taylor and me spending two days roadtripping for eleven hours from San Diego to NorCal.

So the ONLY trousers I brought for the whole weekend was these skinny jeans, which are the Denizen brand from Target by Levi. They are actually women’s jeans, which is so funny to me, as on me they fit so well and super masculinely – they are really nice and skinny but with a nice sag to them as well!

Sunglasses: asos
T-shirt: Spidermonkee through asos marketplace
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Converse

On the drive up I paired my skinny jeans with this black t-shirt from Spidermonkee bought through Asos Marketplace; it is a plain black t-shirt with this white emblem that reads “Boondocks”. I really like it because it feels very American country, which I’m into – and which makes a good roadtrip outfit of course! I paired it with my black and white Converse high-tops, and the only sunglasses I brought for the weekend, which were these pink-tinted mirror shades from asos.

The next day was 4th July and I unashamedly went all out! Like I said, it was my first 4th July so I wanted to do it right. (I’m not going to lie, I attracted quite a few stares!) Everything I’m wearing is from Target; I actually work in Target so I was rubbing up against their 4th July collection for months in advance, meaning I got first picks of what was available!
Tank top: Target
Shorts: Target

I wore these awesome American flag denim cut-offs – is there anything more American than cut-offs?? I paired it with a blue tank with “DREAM” written on it in red, white and blue and bandana style. I wanted a top which wasn’t a straight up American flag as that would have been – yes, I’m going to say it! – overkill!! I also liked both these pieces because I knew I would rewear them!

To celebrate, we spent the day drinking by and swimming in the lake, so I wore my hair up and paired the outfit with my fake Toms which my girlfriend bought me from Walmart. Also my 4th July beads are from Target and were a lovely present from our host!
Shirt: Target
T-shirt: asos
(Robot meeting - casual!)
On Sunday we spent the day in San Francisco, which was so much fun! It was stereotypically cold and cloudy there! I wore my skinny jeans and Converse again, paired this time with this awesome t-shirt which sports an eagle graphic with “Road The Road, Wander The Skies” written on it (clearly, American graphics were the theme of the weekend!) I wore this gorgeous flannel from Target over the top, which Taylor got me for my birthday last year. It is so cosy and comfy and the perfect thing to snuggle in over the top! (I also wore my hair down for once!!)

On Monday, we drove all the way back to San Diego with a quick stop to see the famous Hearst Castle! I wore my skinny jeans with my Walmart “Toms” and paired them with my Little Mermaid tank from Hot Topic, which I talked about in my recent OOTD post from Disneyland! I also wore my hair in a ponytail!!
Tank top: Hot Topic
I was really proud of myself for packing so lightly, and I think these outfits show how even with one pair of skinny jeans you can create several different looks! These jeans were also great for the different weathers I saw along the way: both roadtrip days and the Castle were boiling hot, while San Francisco was super chilly for myself, who is used to SoCal sunshine these days! These jeans are both super breathable and light but also nice for colder weather, so it worked out really well!

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