About 'Butch Is Beautiful'...

I was female assigned at birth, and for as long as I can remember I've loved shoes, shopping, keeping up with fashion and putting outfits together.

However, there's a twist...

I dress almost exclusively in menswear and have been doing so for a decade! It can be hard out here for a butch: we don't see representations of others like ourselves in media and the fashion world does not cater to our bodies. When we are represented, it's too frequently as a subject of ridicule. I disagree with the stereotype that being a female-bodied person who dresses in menswear makes you unattractive or indifferent to fashion.

I dress in menswear because I love it, and I love it because of several beliefs I have about it.
I believe that it is varied and exciting. That it is glamorous and empowering.
That it is gorgeously traditional and a place for experimentation.
And most of all, I believe that menswear is for everyone and can look fabulous on anyone.

So come on in, loosen your tie and let's get our dapper on together!

This blog is pro-trans and pro-feminism.

Find me blogging about my long distance relationship with my American partner, Taylor, at Alex & Tay Everyday.

I'm proud to be a dapperQ contributor! Check out exclusive fashion articles published here.


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