Thursday, August 6, 2015

August Disneyland Day - OOTD!

As I’ve said before, I’m a massive Disney nerd and what do Disney nerds who live in SoCal do? Correct, they go to Disneyland excessive amounts. So today I have another Disneyland OOTD for you!!

Taylor and I hit up the park on a busy summer Saturday. Unlike the last time we went, which was during SoCal’s “June Gloom” and therefore offered us what Southern Californians consider very gray chilly weather, the weather in August was HOT. Like, so so so crazy hot. My outfit was a success however – by which I mean I spent a whole Disney day feeling COMFORTABLE.
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Tank: Hot Topic
Shorts: 21 Men
Shoes: Target
My theme for my outfit was a Disney Grunge vibe – inspired initially by this A.W.E.S.O.M.E. muscle tank I found at Hot Topic. I work in a mall which has a Hot Topic in which is a recipe for disaster aka shopping because I often find myself wasting time there on my lunch breaks!

I’m a huge fan of Hot Topic’s Disney merchandise – in my opinion they sell the best, most varied selection of Disney merch out of any store including Disney stores. I spend hours looking at their Disney merch online but I had actually never seen this tank till I saw it in the store and then I knew I had to have it!

It is of course a play on the famous Nirvana ‘Never Mind’ cover but instead it reads ‘Neverland’ with a design of Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael flying past the moon! Peter Pan was my favourite Disney movie as a child and of course I’ve grown up listening to Nirvana so I was obsessed with this.

I went for an accidental Lost Boy vibe with these amazing shorts from Forever 21’s men’s section on the bottom. I actually saw these in a Summer Outfit Ideas YouTube video and I knew I HAD to have them. I love how they are so insanely distressed – the description actually calls them not distressed but “destroyed”! I think they are at the same time super masculine and super sexy, because they are so distressed that although they are knee length they show a LOT of leg!

On my feet I wore Vans-style slip-ons by Target which were super duper affordable at just $15 and have really become my go to shoe since I bought them!
I had a wonderful day at Disneyland - it was the first time we had been while the Diamond Anniversary celebrations were in full swing and the park was just magical. We stayed late to see the new Paint The Night parade and it was the most stunning thing EVER!
I always have such a fabulous romantic time whenever Taylor and I go to Disney! I actually have another Disneyland trip coming up at the end of August which I am SO SO SO excited for - we are doing a full weekend trip!! So another Disney OOTD post will be coming very soon!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Rock Show OOTN - Seeing Wednesday 13!!

So recently I FINALLY got to see Wednesday 13 on his Monsters Of The Universe tour! You may know that Joseph Poole in his many incarnations is my favourite musician of all time - I mentioned it in my article about my second tattoo that his song 'Los Angel-less' was one of my many inspirations for. I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for him to do West Coast tour dates since JANUARY when his latest Wednesday 13 album was released!

Finally the day came when I headed down to Brick By Brick in San Diego (small but grungy and cute!) to see Mr Motherfucker in the flesh – this is what I wore!

Sometimes I feel like I dress very boringly to gigs, because I always want to wear something comfy, and which is unlikely to be damaged or which I will mind too much getting sweaty and dirty! I made a big effort to put more of a stylish spin on these requirements this time around!!
T-shirt: DStruct through asos
Bracelet: Topman
Jeggings: H&M
Boots: River Island
On the top I wore a black t-shirt with a massive stag skull on it, which is by a band called DStruct and which I bought through asos. I’m a really big fan of it because it’s simple, but still very intense and really edgy. It fits me nicely and is a little on the bigger side (which meant I was able to wear the Wednesday 13 t-shirt I bought underneath it!!!) and of course I rolled up the sleeves for some layering.

I paired this with acid wash jeggings from H&M which were super comfy, and being jeggings really give that suuuuper tight fitted rock & roll vibe (like a certain someone and his buddies used to channel in the Murderdolls back in the day!).

I finished off the outfit with boots that I bought from River Island last winter. They are solid black and some plaid detailing on the lip, which I fell in love with. I’d actually never tried pairing them with jeggings before and I was obsessed with how easily my jeggings fit inside – very comfy and looked very cool, chill and edgy!

I accessorised just with a simple black skull bracelet from Topman I got as a birthday present about two years ago, and of course my two silver necklaces I always wear.
I also wanted to add that under my slightly more oversize t-shirt I also concealed that I wore my running belt!! I normally wear this just for holding my keys when I go running but it also comes in super handy for gigs! This is the best investment EVER – it is kind of like a fanny pack but lies much more flat so you can actually wear it and have it totally concealed. It fits a surprisingly large amount – I carried money, my driver’s licence, my portable phone charger and cable and my keys! It was the perfect solution as my jeggings have teeny tiny pockets. I bought it on amazon for a very affordable price!
On a final note, I wanted to share the Wednesday 13 t-shirt I bought at the gig! It's not really easy to buy Wednesday merchandise other than at his shows and his online store has been having a lot of issues over the past year, so I always make sure to buy a t-shirt when I see him live! It was a tough decision as he had a lot of designs available but I could NOT resist this spin on the Jack Daniels design!!
I just love a tongue in cheek Wednesday t-shirt and this is like the ultimate example of that. I am sure I will be getting a lot of wear out of this!! One of my favourite things about Wednesday is his drinking enthusiasm so I love how this shirt showcases that!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Outfits Of A (Long!) Weekend: Roadtrips, 4th July & San Francisco!

I recently spent a lovely weekend in Northern California! Me and my girlfriend visited some lovely friends of ours, Sam and Kelsey, for a long weekend, which included celebrating my very first 4th July! I had an amazing time, and I wanted to do a post documenting all my outfits for the four day weekend! I packed very lightly, and the weekend included Taylor and me spending two days roadtripping for eleven hours from San Diego to NorCal.

So the ONLY trousers I brought for the whole weekend was these skinny jeans, which are the Denizen brand from Target by Levi. They are actually women’s jeans, which is so funny to me, as on me they fit so well and super masculinely – they are really nice and skinny but with a nice sag to them as well!

Sunglasses: asos
T-shirt: Spidermonkee through asos marketplace
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Converse

On the drive up I paired my skinny jeans with this black t-shirt from Spidermonkee bought through Asos Marketplace; it is a plain black t-shirt with this white emblem that reads “Boondocks”. I really like it because it feels very American country, which I’m into – and which makes a good roadtrip outfit of course! I paired it with my black and white Converse high-tops, and the only sunglasses I brought for the weekend, which were these pink-tinted mirror shades from asos.

The next day was 4th July and I unashamedly went all out! Like I said, it was my first 4th July so I wanted to do it right. (I’m not going to lie, I attracted quite a few stares!) Everything I’m wearing is from Target; I actually work in Target so I was rubbing up against their 4th July collection for months in advance, meaning I got first picks of what was available!
Tank top: Target
Shorts: Target

I wore these awesome American flag denim cut-offs – is there anything more American than cut-offs?? I paired it with a blue tank with “DREAM” written on it in red, white and blue and bandana style. I wanted a top which wasn’t a straight up American flag as that would have been – yes, I’m going to say it! – overkill!! I also liked both these pieces because I knew I would rewear them!

To celebrate, we spent the day drinking by and swimming in the lake, so I wore my hair up and paired the outfit with my fake Toms which my girlfriend bought me from Walmart. Also my 4th July beads are from Target and were a lovely present from our host!
Shirt: Target
T-shirt: asos
(Robot meeting - casual!)
On Sunday we spent the day in San Francisco, which was so much fun! It was stereotypically cold and cloudy there! I wore my skinny jeans and Converse again, paired this time with this awesome t-shirt which sports an eagle graphic with “Road The Road, Wander The Skies” written on it (clearly, American graphics were the theme of the weekend!) I wore this gorgeous flannel from Target over the top, which Taylor got me for my birthday last year. It is so cosy and comfy and the perfect thing to snuggle in over the top! (I also wore my hair down for once!!)

On Monday, we drove all the way back to San Diego with a quick stop to see the famous Hearst Castle! I wore my skinny jeans with my Walmart “Toms” and paired them with my Little Mermaid tank from Hot Topic, which I talked about in my recent OOTD post from Disneyland! I also wore my hair in a ponytail!!
Tank top: Hot Topic
I was really proud of myself for packing so lightly, and I think these outfits show how even with one pair of skinny jeans you can create several different looks! These jeans were also great for the different weathers I saw along the way: both roadtrip days and the Castle were boiling hot, while San Francisco was super chilly for myself, who is used to SoCal sunshine these days! These jeans are both super breathable and light but also nice for colder weather, so it worked out really well!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Wore To My Partner's Graduation!

Last weekend my fabulous partner graduated from UCLA! Needless to say, I am exceptionally proud of her – her dedication, strength, optimism and intelligence are constantly inspirational to me and it was a really really special day to see her walk across the stage and officially graduate.

So obviously, a special day calls for a special outfit! And I had mine planned for months and months and months :P So obviously, let’s document it with a What I Wore post!

I used to be really into smart, dapper dressing but around a year ago I got more into rocking a casual vibe, and kind of started feeling most of the smarter clothes I owned didn’t really suit my style anymore. I wanted to wear black/dark colours – without of course looking like a waiter.

We also live in Southern California, so the assumption is always that it will be hot. I also wanted to look smart and dressed up – I initially was going to wear a suit, which is traditional in England, but Taylor told me this was not the done thing in America!! I’m actually really proud with the outfit I came up with and I think it balanced all my personal requirements.

Shirt: asos
Waistcoat: asos
Pants: asos
Shoes: Macy's

Firstly, I wore a black shortsleeve shirt with floral printed sleeves. I fell in love with this from the minute I saw it – I love how it is mostly a block colour but also incorporates a pattern. (And you know I love how short sleeves show my tattoos!)

As Taylor had prompted me jackets and ties was not the dress code, I decided to rock a waistcoat (or as the Americans say, a vest!). I love waistcoats but funnily enough have never owned or worn one before! I was inspired because I have a denim gilet that I love wearing (that I’ve written about in my Disneyland post!). I absolutely LOVED wearing this one and I’m really glad I went with it.

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Collar tips: Designsix through asos

Personally I don’t like just wearing a shirt for a smart event without a jacket, because I always feel like my outfit is incomplete. The waistcoat pulls everything together and dresses you up. Waistcoats can smooth out the whole look, and hide all manner of sins – particularly if your shirt is a bit puffy around where it’s tucked in!

I also love how waistcoats look old-fashioned – I can’t deny I felt really boyish and kind of like Huckleberry Finn… of course everyone’s dream! But they also fit well with a modern trend for layering.

As I wasn’t wearing a suit, I wore a dark grey waistcoat that is actually made out of jersey, which kept the whole look lightweight and avoided me looking overdressed or stuffy.

I paired these top two items with a pair of skinny dark grey chinos from asos. I have mentioned these before and they are my absolute favourite chinos – I own five pairs in different colours!

On my feet, I wore some black suede loafers with silver buckles that I got in a Macy’s sale last fall. I actually bought these for my girlfriend’s birthday trip to Las Vegas and never wore them! But these are a favourite item for me. Loafers look casual and summery, while also looking polished and adult. Loafers with skinny pants is also of course very on trend.

For accessories, I wore silvercollar tips shaped like stag skulls with a chain connecting them. I love collar tips because they’re a great, masculine accessory for when you’re not wearing a tie. They are quite unusual in America so I always get a lot of compliments when I wear them! And these fitted well with the Shoreditch hipster vibe I was going for. These are by a brand called Designsix and are exclusive to asos.

I am also sad to say that I bought a belt specifically for the event and I forgot it at our home in San Diego – it was a black leather belt with a silver cowboy style buckle. I was actually very upset and wish I had worn it, because personally I don’t really like to wear a tucked in button down without a belt – I think the belt makes the look more polished.

As you also know I now have hair long enough to tie up – I wore it down for the graduation as I felt it was a little more traditional and both me and Taylor felt we didn’t want to look back at my man bun and question my sanity! Though to be honest these days I have such a huge undercut I’m not sure this won’t still happen – oh well! That’s what fashion’s about, right??

Congrats, baby - I'm so proud of you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

June Gloom Disneyland Day - OOTD!

Last weekend Taylor and I finally made a trip to my favourite spot on this planet… DISNEYLAND CALIFORNIA! I hadn’t been since December, which is obviously a pretty traumatically long time to go without any Disney (#SpoiltSouthernCaliforniaResident), so I was super super super exicted for the day!

That first paragraph probably made it pretty clear that I am 100% obsessed with Disneyland… However, I have to admit that while I’m there I can often end up feeling super uncomfortable and/or overheated and/or bloated and unattractive and hating my outfit! Disney is a really tricky event to dress for: you are there ALL DAY, and personally I always take 10000 photos so I want to look cute!

However, at the same time, comfort is the most important thing – you need to endure relentless heat, long long queues, and clambering in an undignified position onto various rides! And let’s not forget… WALKING, WALKING, WALKING. I walk SOOO much at Disneyland! This visit I’m excited to say that for the first time I was REALLY happy with what I wore… So OF COURSE, here’s an ootd!!

Hoody: Disneyland
Vest: Zara Man
Jeggings: H&M
Shoes: Converse

I think one of the keys to my being super comfy on this particular Disney day was how much LAYERING my outfit had. Not only are layers very on trend, but they are really really good for long days with potentially changeable weather. I got dressed at 5.30am and got home at midnight… Let’s face it, your Disney outfit has to be in it for the long haul!

Tank top: Hot Topic

I started my outfit off with a Little Mermaid tank top which I bought (UNASHAMEDLY!) from Hot Topic. Hot Topic has like, the best Disney merchandise (I often think better than Disney itself!) and sells lots of these tank tops with designs from different movies. Ariel is my favourite princess – because she’s a mermaid, duh! Mermaids are just better!!

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

This tank has a racer back and I don’t personally really like racer backs because they show my binder. I wore it over a black vest and then you can barely tell it’s not a regular tank!

I then had two different top layers which I wore both, one of or neither as the day went on! And I really liked the way all the pairings looked and felt. The first layer I had was this black denim gilet that I got in the sales at Zara Man last summer. A denim gilet is an essential for a cool laidback look. You literally can throw it over anything and you look like an instant rockstar!

Vests also have the added perk of adding really good coverage, which helps you to never feel any body negativity! I love my denim gilet over just my tank top, which means I can show my tattoos and look really cool and rock & roll.

I also love the cozy vibe wearing it over my hoody gives! I brought along this AWESOME hoody I bought at Disney over a year ago now. It has a graphic of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, with “The happiest place on earth” printed underneath. The sleeves are patterned with all different images of rides from Disneyland! When I saw this hoody I just knew I had to have it because it literally feels like Disneyland was bibbity-bobbity-boo!-ed into a clothing item! It was actually really chilly for Southern California this day so I was really glad I had this with me, and with my denim vest over, it was really a snuggly outfit!

On the bottom I wore these awesome black jeggings with ripped knees from the women’s department of H&M! Jeggings are my new obsession… they are so stretchy it feels unreal which of course means they’re super comfy. These are high waisted too which I was hesitant about at first because I thought they might look very feminine… but I actually think they look totally masculine and the high waist actually just makes me feel really slim!

These jeggings – and my tank top… and my hoody! – are actually all women’s clothing items! I’ve recently become more open to wearing more gender neutral women’s pieces – t-shirts, jeans, etc. Stay tuned for a post coming soon on how I rock them in a totally masculine way!

For my shoes I of course just wore comfy high top classic Converse, which were great for walking round the whole day. Personally I like high tops with super skinny trousers – I think it helps keep the whole look streamlined. Of course, I live in SoCal so I also brought along my trusty aviator Ray-Bans that I’ve had over four years!!

You may also have noticed too that my hairstyle has changed quite drastically! I will have a post coming on my hair evolution very soon but as you can see, my hair is now long enough to tie up, and to Disney I wore it in a messy ballerina bun, and I flatironed the front section into a Disney princess worthy fringe ;)

And finally, I accessorised with a few bracelets! I wore a mermaid theme bracelet and a “Dream” bracelet both bought from Disney, and also an arrowhead bracelet and a skull bracelet that I got in a set from asos!

Skull bracelet & arrow bracelet: asos
Disney bracelets: Disneyland

I also have one final set for my gender contortionists out there – as I mentioned earlier, personally I bind and I bind 90% of the time when I’m out and about. However, of course, it can get really uncomfortable and it has caused me some issues in the past at Disneyland which is just a horrible thing to have to deal with. This time I stuck an alternative method in my backpack – for me I love Target’s super comfy sports bras, but you should grab whatever is your comfy alternative. I actually did not even change and wore my binder for the whole day, but I feel like just having an alternative with me was very good for my peace of mind!

I was really so comfy in this outfit the whole day – I felt slim, comfy, and it was great being able to easily switch up how warm I needed my outfit to be! I’d love to hear in the comments what you like wearing to Disneyland or whatever theme park you like going to :) What do you swear by??!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Outfit Of The Day: LA Casual Day to Date Night Look!

Well, I have been on a bit of a hiatus from this blog! Please forgive me: ever since my move to America, my life has been hectic. I got my first full-time job (at a smoothie bar and home d├ęcor shop – do not ask! Although I now make fabulous protein smoothies…), I quit my first full-time job (I now make fabulous protein smoothies purely for my personal enjoyment), I got a new full-time job (this time working in clothes – yay!), I moved from Los Angeles to San Diego with my gorgeous girlfriend where she has a fabulous new job (hard to believe such a stressful move can be summarised in one short sentence!) and, most exciting of all, I am working on an application to fashion school to hopefully turn my passion for fashion into a degree and then a career. Fingers crossed!!!

But neglecting Butch Is Beautiful is not my wish and so I am really really really going to try and be better about posting! I’m starting off this new ambition with an Outfit Of The Day post!

Shirt: Cotton On
Tank: Victoria's Secret
Chinos: asos
Shoes: Aldo

This outfit is actually from a couple of months back (this is how busy I’ve been!). I wore it on a day which was one of those funny mixes of doing something boring (doing laundry) before going straight to something fun (a date at Cheesecake Factory at The Grove with my partner). This is what I wore!

On my top half I’m wearing a Victoria’s Secret sports tank, which personally I think is much too cute to be actually worn for just sports! (In fact, I’ve never worn it to work out once and have no intention of doing so…!) I got it in the sales which I blogged about here and it has a super cute text design, with “Earn Your Wings” written in silver.

It was a chillier day by LA standards, so I went for the layering trend by throwing over this AMAAAAZZZING flannel from Cotton On. I’m obsessed with this: it’s blue at the top and then has almost a dip-dye effect on the bottom half where it turns black. This is cool as a concept but as you can see, on an all black outfit, it looks INCREDIBLE, and almost abstract. Of course, layering has been cool for a while, and is always a great way to add some punch to a casual look.

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

I paired this ensemble with my trusty black skinny chinos from asos. I swear by these, and own five pairs in different colours (two in black, one in burgundy, one in dark grey and one in – vom – khaki, but I had to get it for my work uniform!). I actually have never written an article about how amazing these are but I fully intend to so watch this space!

Last but not least, my shoes are Aldo hi-top sneakers. They have a really cool tweed effect on the top half and then a plain black sneaker style on the bottom. These look great with skinny trousers tucked in – which you can see is exactly what I did!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bath & Body Works Haul feat. some awesome deals for the Halloween lover!

OK, so I went to Bath and Body Works to buy a hand sanitizer. ONE HAND SANITIZER. People… that’s not how it went down. Bath and Body Works always have such good deals and they always manage to get me!!!! The long and short of it is I left with eleven items so I thought I’d write up an *ahem* little (??) haul for you!

So first off, I bought five hand sanitizers which I had kind of planned to do anyway. Bath and Body Works always have the deal on that you can get five hand sanitizers for $5 and as they’re each $1.68, this is a pretty good option, especially if you’re like me and will always use hand sanitizer! I got a selection of flavours, and I have to say it took me a really long time to choose! I was trying to convince myself I should go off my favourite flavours and not literally just the cool names and pictures ;) As you can tell, I’m a very wise shopper!

I got two which have a similar feel to one another – ‘Donuts About You’ and ‘Hey Honeybun’, which both have cute little cakes with eyes on the packaging! Both smell ridiculously sweet and yummy and like a donut shop, and of course ‘Hey Honeybun’ has a definite honey scent!

I then went for ‘Dancing Waters’ which has a lovely fresh aquatic scent. 

Next I got ‘Champagne Sparkles’, and I must admit I partly went for this one on packaging, but who can resist something pink and sparkly with “champagne” in the title and the Eiffel Tower on the front??? Not me, that’s for sure! 

Finally I got ‘Copacabana Coconut’. It is basically summer already where I live so I wanted a more summery, beachy scent too, and there’s just nothing as yummy and fresh as the smell of coconut!

Then I noticed that they have their brand new collection of Brazilian scents on sale – everything for $7! I got a sugarscrub in ‘Lush Pink Grapefruit’ which would normally cost $14.50 – so literally more than half price! I do have to say that this is THE most awesome scrub I have ever used! Honest to God. I like my scrubs almost abrasive feeling – hey, I don’t do things in halves – so scrubs can often disappoint me. This one though: oh my goodness. Not only does it smell beachy and amazing, but it starts out as a tough, sugary scrub, before dissolving into wonderful soft foam. I don’t even know how this formula exists. But I recommend you buy it, because this product really surpassed my expectations!

I was then walking to pay when I saw an EXTREME sale table, of leftover holiday items. It contained quite a few Christmas items which I wasn’t really interested in – especially as like I said, where I live, it’s basically summer! But I WAS interested in the Halloween items they had left! I’m a Halloween enthusiast year round and this definitely comes in handy when snatching up a deal!

I first of all got a ‘Pumpkin Pecan Waffles’ foaming handsoap for about $3 (normally $6.50!). The pumpkin scent has to be one of my favourite things about living in America – it’s just divine, and even my partner has given her blessing to us using this yummy scent out of season!

I then bought a mini ‘Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin’ body mist. Because you guys… that’s just me and I’m all about smelling like Halloween and flavours that no human body should ever smell of. Like I said, I don’t do halves. Again, it was only $2 and normally $6.

The final item I bought was also on this sales table and was again priced at only a couple bucks. I got a glitter spray because honestly I’m just obsessed with being glittery these days which is funny because I used to hate it! The glitter sprays are basically like body mist but leave you with a nice glowy effect too! They had one with a strawberry flavour but I thought that was a little too much like something I’d have used in the nineties. And in the nineties, I was nine and under. I went for ‘Vanilla-tini’ which is blue in colour and has a really pretty fresh sophisticated scent! I couldn’t actually find this product online to check the full price but I got it for only a couple of bucks!

So there you go, my entire haul! Although I left with a lot of items I really did not spend a whole bunch of money due to the deals and sales so I felt pretty proud of that and I got some awesome stuff too!

What’s your must-have at Bath and Body Works? Have you tried any of the items I’ve bought? Let me know in the comments!